Uncle Spider & The Electric Dirt Clods
I Must Have Kissed An Angel / Country
Amor de mi Corazon / Latin Jazz
Breathless / R&B
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Uncle Spider & The Electric Dirt Clods. Steven Noguera & Kenney Noguera. Two brothers composing in the assortment of styles and genres that we grew up with.

As a lot of American boys did, both Steven and I spent a great deal of our youth in and out of rock bands. Part of that experience included songwriting. Over the last few years Steven and I have been working together writing and producing music and have come up with a wide and varied mix of music.

Now and again some of ours tunes have spent time on the Broadjam top 10 lists in a variety of genres. We've also been forwarded by www.taxi.com to national and international music publishing, record and film companies for consideration in movies and television scores and for artist recordings.

Thanks again,

Kenney Noguera