Uncle Spider & The Electric Dirt Clods
The Last Time I Said I Love You / Pop Alternative
Got a few lines so far.

I was thinking of myself when I said let's be friends
Didn't know I meant that much
Enough to break your heart

I thought I'd be happy
Then I got knocked around
Now I'm here, don't laugh please
If you could just re mem ber

The last time I Said I Love You
Music Credits: kenney
Performance Credits: kenney
Long Song Description:
I got up in the morning with major bed head. Looked in the mirror and thought I look either like Robert Smith on that Cure album cover or the photo of that Khalid guy in Guantanamo after a water boarding session. I opted for the Robert Smith feel, didn't comb my hair strapped on my axe and wrote this.
Story Behind the Song:
So a guys been hanging with this girl for a bit but then decides he wants to play the field. After a while he figures out he screwed up and now has to try and win her heart back after being such an idiot
Song Length: 2:34
Primary Genre: Rock-Alternative
Secondary Genre: Pop-General
Tempo: Medium (111 - 130)
Similar Artist 1: Cure, The