Uncle Spider & The Electric Dirt Clods
Double Dip Slap / Hard Rock
Lyrics Credits:
Music Credits: kenney
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Performance Credits: kenney
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Story Behind the Song:
On that last Saturday of her week long visit with me in Conconully, my grand daughter Zoui & I went to town and we stopped at Pizza Hut.

I ordered a pizza and I knew it would take a while. Anyway I was hungry so I asked her if she wanted an appetizer or anything and of course her standard response was "NO". She's 13 so that's always her first response to everything. She's bone thin and china white and she always makes like she doesn't wanna eat.

I didn't care so I ordered some bread sticks to hold me over. Yeah well as soon as they hit the table she was on em like a Bald Eagle swoopin in on its prey.

I could hardly understand her babblin something about liking marinara sauce as she went into attack mode and began to shovel em in.

So were eatin the sticks and she asks me if she can double dip.

Double what??? The fuck is double dip?

I figure it's gotta be some kinda teen vampire or Goth wolf thing I don't know anything about?

So she explains what double dip is. Hmmmm. Really? So I ask her if doing that would normally get your hand slapped.

She said yes.

Hence, the inspiration for the tune and the name of the song
Song Length: 4:13
Primary Genre: Rock-Hard Rock
Secondary Genre: Rock-Heavy Metal
Tempo: Medium (111 - 130)