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Where's Via / New Age
I have two lines that would be @27 seconds in

Where's Via
Where's Via hiding

Wish I could write lyrics.
Music Credits: kenney
Performance Credits: kenney
Long Song Description:
If I played guitar better, the guitar playing would be better. Hope you enjoy it
Story Behind the Song:
When my boys were very young and just learning to speak, it was a pleasure to hear them try and say words as best as they remembered them. Pizza became peetzee, Norman became Man, Anthony became Twee and like that. A dad's simple joy in life.

There was a little girl who was killed in Newtown, her name was Olivia. As the police were not done with their police work they sent the families home. Little Olivia's body lay on the school floor where she fell.

The next day, I watched a CNN report where they interviewed Olivia's parents and they said when they got home that evening, Olivia's younger brother unaware of course of what had happened ran to her room looking for her. Getting no response, he turned to his parents and said Where's Via? Where's Via hiding? .

That broke my heart and my joyful memory became tears. So I got up from watching the news and wrote this for Olivia. Didn't send it to her parents or anything creepy like that just wanted to write what was in my heart for them.
Song Length: 3:00
Primary Genre: New Age-General
Secondary Genre: Pop-Lullaby