Uncle Spider & The Electric Dirt Clods
Bad Girl In Boots / Country Rock I Must Have Kissed An Angel / Country
This Side Of Blue / Jazz Amor de mi Corazon / Latin Jazz
Breathless / R&B Wind Song / Pop Dream Pop
No More Sundays / Modern Jazz Swing Chair Blues / Blues Rock
Firefight / Heavy Metal Baby Un Done Me Wrong / Delta Blues
Come Closer / Latin Rock A Song For Berry / Southern Rock
Bringing The Heat / Big Band Once Upon A Time / Classical Romantic
Once Upon A Time / Pop Ballad The Eyes Of The Lonely / Dream Pop
The House By The Rose / Country Just a Glimmer / Blues Rock
My Imagination / Pop General A Spanish Ending / Latin Romantic
My Betty & Louise / Rock & Roll Wedding Dress / Pop Ballad
In A Ghetto De Vida / Rap Hip Hop Let The Stars Decide / Rock Indie
Hide Your Eyes / Pop Emperor of China / Soundtrack
Like A Fool I Say / Country Male Like a Fool I Say / Country Female
It Could A Been A Bad Move / Rock A Cold Blade Tells / Blues Rock
Praises & Promises / Country Religious My Celestine / Pop Alternative
Te Amo / Latin Samba A Heart of Grace / Dream Pop
Lost In A Blue Serene / Jazz Standard Still I Wonder / Country Alternative
The Sound Of My Breaking Heart / Pop Standards Una Brisa Cielo Rojo / Latin Tropical
Just Tell Me To My Face / Hard Rock Breathless / Dance Club Mix
Stolen Kiss / Pop Standards Whenever A Cowboys Heart Breaks / Country
Love Me Forever Again / Pop Standards Solitary Life / R&B
WIth No Goodbye / Country & a dash of Pollock /New Age Progressive
A Life In Question / Soundtrack Say We Will / New Age Alt
Piece of a Dream / Latin Tango In The Dark / Smooth Jazz
Nothing Short Of Paradise / R&B Suddenly I'm In Love / Pop
But If You Should Change Your Mind / R&B Word On The Street / Blues Rock
You'll Never Know / New Age Come Out Tonight Girl / Rock & Roll
Where's Via / New Age Winds of Ibiza / Latin Romantic
Just One More Time / Pop -Rock Fool Against Nature / Jazz
In A Ghetto De Vida / Rap Hip Hop Take A Black Eye For Love / Hard Rock
Andalusian Trance / Latin Jazz Send It In Down / Hip Hop Dance
Missing What You Had / Pop Alt We use to dance in the rain
Don't Wait My Heart / Country Cause Rory Says So / Blues Rock
McSong/ Contemporary Jazz With A Kiss To Say I Love You / R&B
A Flower In The Morning Havin A Bad Day?? / Hard Rock
Sold On Down The River / Country-Americana Zoui's Scared of Butterflies / Hard Rock
My Spanish Friend / Latin Jazz Once Before You Walk Out / Rock Alt
Au Chocolat / Gypsy Jazz Before The Last Kiss
I'm The One Who Won Your Heart/ Rock & Roll Slidin' On Down / R&B Funk
And If I Wish Upon Star /Country Her Hearts Been Fooled Again / Country
My Eyes / Country Alt In Natures Temple / New Age
Come On My Side / Rock & Roll Knuckle Sandwich / Heavy Metal
I'm Crazy For My Girl / Pop Rock Ghost From A Dream / Dream Pop
The Ride Home Dance In The Moonlight
My Mom Got Sick Love Me Forever Again / Rock & Roll
On The Elevator Down/ Heavy Metal Space in Time
Trevor's Lullaby / Children Swamp Water Stomp / Blues Rock
When Angels Tell / Dream Pop Mike & Carlos Play Rough / Latin Cubano
Lost In Love Come Out Tonight Girl / Rock & Roll
The Last Time I Said I Love You / Pop Alternative Down Hampton Way /Jazz
We Say I Love You / Country In a Dream
Sometimes the Night /Jazz It's Your Turn Now / Blues Rock
If You'd Just Look My Way/ Country If Your Heart Should Get Lonely For Me
The Wonder Of Autum /Jazz Nightwatch /Latin Jazz
A Grease Spot Where You Stood / Heavy Metal This Is The Day / Pop Ballad
She's The One That Broke My Heart / Rock & Roll Sunset on the Bayou / Delta Blues
Shaky Jake & The Bone Twist Girl / Rock & Roll Tell You Once More I'm In Love With You / Country
Santa Cruz / Hard Rock To My Love / Soundtrack
Man Candy Blonde / Hard Rock Truth Is / Country Ballad
L.A. Waltz Sunday In The Summer
Double Dip Slap / Hard Rock Wishin You Were Mine
Dry & Blue / Delta Blues Look At My Heart
My Eyes / Rock & Roll Alone to Wonder / Jazz
Face Down & Out / Hard Rock Lead Pipe Headache / Heavy Metal
Remember When Miles To Go
Lies My Heart Told Me / R&B If You'd Say I Love You / Country
Blind Stitch In My Heart / The Blues My Imagination / remix
Tounge & Groove / Rock Funk C'mon Lets Dance
No Matter Where You Are I Heard You Fell In Love
Remember to Say That I Love You / Pop Ballad Should I Say
I Will Be With You All In A Wish
Rock Nox A Mean Streak
Zoui In Black / Heavy Metal If Momma Ain't Say So / Blues Rock
If You Get My Message / Blues Rock A Lesser Friend / Heavy Metal
Coincidental Life / Rock Soundtrack Porcupine Alley / Heavy Metal
Sweeter Than An Alibi / Pop To My Baby
Let's Fall In Love Again/ Rock & Roll Hall the Oats to Van / Pop
Dancin With A One Eyed Rooster/Rock & Roll I Love You More With Each Day / Pop
Ganja Dance With Me / Rock Ska Half A Chance / Alt Rock
5ยข Tour of Hell /Heavy Metal Morning Commute.. Need Coffee / A Commercial
Sermonette/ Country Religious Cat Hackles Are Up/ Blues Rock
A Prairie Sunset / Cowboy Cue A Tap At My Door / R&B
Another Day In Love With You / Dreampop Song for Steve Perry
Lost to the Darkness/Heavy Metal Death March of The Oompa Loompa
On The Face / Surf Rock Downbeat
Sid & Nancy Sophia Smiles / Smooth Jazz
A Slap on the Wrist /Blues Rock A Cold Blade Tells / Hard Rock
Gettin All Misty / R&B And Then She Blushes / Jazz
A Whiskey In The Morning / Rock There Goes My Baby / Rock & Roll
Slippin Into Darkness / Rock Funk When A Cowboys Heart Breaks / Country
Brand New Day An Upright Man
Got An Axe To Grind / Hard Rock It's Because I Love You / Pop Alternative
Sweeter Than An Alibi / R&B Walk A Mile In My Blues
Left Out of Paradise ** Latin Jazz Both Barrels Atcha / Heavy Metal
A Masque For The Queen / Renaissance Because I Love You Only / Pop Rock
To Them What Left Too Soon/ Rock & Roll All Because I Love You / R&B
You Won't Fight Alone / Hard Rock Didn't You Say
When You're Sure That She's The One / Rock Alt Coming to London / Pop
Scootin Boots / Country I'm Just Sayin / Rock Funk
If You Stole My Soul / Heavy Metal I Wont be The One / Pop
I Fell Hard For You / Rock & Roll Days Without You / Rock & Roll
It's Curtains For You / Hard Rock Zipper Heart / Hard Rock
My Eye Candy Blonde / Rock & Roll I'm In Love With That Girl / Rock
Can I Say I Love You /Pop Alternative Your Dad Was Right About Me
A Simple Slip / R&B Turn The Page / R&B
For Once In Your Life Almost Jumped In
You & Me / Pop Rock Warm Breeze / Soundtrack
Almost Close / Rock & Roll Paging Your Next Breath / Hard Rock
Pick Up Those Pieces / Pop Rock Lets Go Again / Rock & Roll
To Thick To Know / R&B Funk Just A Little Bit / Rock n Roll
Don't Cha Tell Yer Mama / Blues Rock This Time I Choose Love / Pop Alt
Living Past A Dream Trail Dust Kid
And I Miss You Tomorrow / Rock Alternative A Clock Without Time / Soundtrack
Be Careful My Heart He Couldn't Explain
Quentin Don't Surf When Your Heart Needs A Friend
Remembering When / Country Cowboy When You Don't Get It / Hard Rock
In The Light of Day / Rock Alternative And When You Say I Love You / Country
Stilletto Smile / Hard Rock Merchant of Menace / Hard Rock
I'd Throw It All Away For You / Hard Rock Love's on the Redline / Rockabilly
I Can't be Without You / Pop It's All About You / Pop
Top Down Cruisin / 60 Sec Cue The Minutes Tick & The Years Tock/ Pop
The Other Reverse Gear / Smooth Jazz Scene From A Dream / Pop Rock
When A Quiet Heart Cries / Country A Dance For The Dingers / Scottish Folk
Walkin With My Girl / Pop Rock Come On My Side r1 / Rock & Roll
It Happens So Fast /Country Cowboy Always A Chance / Pop Rock
Close Enough To Love Darlin My Heart's All In
Did I Tell You I Love You Today / Country Cowboy Eyes Taped Shut / Rock Alt
You Could've Told Me To My Face The Thin White Lie / Pop
To My Love / New Age If I Could Love You More / Country Cowboy
Got Me On My Knees / Rock & Roll I'd Break All The Rules / Rock & Roll
A Lasoo Around My Heart / Country When Shadows Drop / Rock & Roll
Slip n Slide / Rockabilly Modern Money/ R&B Funk
Techno Prisoners / Electronic Dance A Sad Reflection
Michaels' Gentle Soul Just A Little Heart Break / Rock Alternative
Better When It Was A Dream/ Rock Lo-Fi Chainsaw Suicide / Heavy Metal
A Similar Fate / Rock Alt Candy Stripes / Rock Alt
A Telling Reflection Cool Night Cruise / Rock-Funk
Rockin Your Six / Hard Rock Fool Enough To Love You / Rock Indie/Low Fi
Coming Home To You / Rock & Roll & Twice For You / Pop Alternative
A Liquid Romance / Hard Rock Simply Because I Love You / Hard Rock
The House By The Rose m / Country Move / Pop Dance
104 LA Radio Show It Could A Been A Bad Move
Mark 5 What Can I Say / Pop Rock
And When My Girl Smiles / Pop Alt Diamond Stud / Hard Rock
And If You Said / Pop Standards Don't Run Anymore / Pop Alternative
Hair Of The Dog / Rock Funk Porch Swing Sonata / Blues Rock
Red Dot Blues / Hard Rock What Can I Say / Pop Standards
Zeroing In On You / Rock Funk Leave My Heart At Home / Country
Kamakazi Pirate / Heavy Metal Now That You're Gone / Country
Be There Tonight / Country Rock Barbwire Trickett / Rock Alternative
You're Running From The Heartbreak / Pop I'll Love You All My Days / Pop Alternative
She Says I Love You / Pop Standards This Time I Know I'm Gonna Get It Right / Country Rock
Through My Eyes / Pop Standards If You Ever Wonder / Pop Standards
Sometimes When You Fall In Love / R&B When I Say I Love You / Pop Standards
Because I've Always Known I Love You / Pop Always Back To You / Pop Alternative
All My Days In Love With You / Country Rock Nothing Short Of Paradise x / R&B
Framed & Blamed / Blues Rock Rusty Day Signal / Heavy Metal
And When I Hold You / Folk Alternative Thick Cut / Rock Funk
Love's Not A Dream / Dream Pop Babealicious / Rock & Roll
Wisdom of the Darkness / Hard Rock Tears On A Page / Dream Pop
Headin Back To You / Country Love Me Forever Again x / Pop Rock
Life's Not Fair - Porn Is / Hard Rock Until I Hold You / R&B
Abyssinia / Hard Rock If You Give Me Half A Chance / Pop Rock
Memory of a Kiss / R&B The Last To Know / Country
When The Dark Calls / Rock & Roll Excuse Me If I Stare / Hard Rock
Only If She Says / Pop Alternative Sometimes When I Hold You / Hard Rock
Goin MidEvil / Hard Rock